#Interview: Sonnie Badu (@SonnieBaduUK) Speaks About His Africa Worship Tours

Sonnie Badu Live In Concert

Sonnie Badu Live In Concert

Last week, we decided to speak to Sonnie Badu regarding his current concerts/tours and progress in propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the Ghana music industry. This is what he had to say.

Q: How are you doing brother?

A: Blesser

Q: Thanks to God. Do you have any up-coming show?

A: Yes please , just got back from Canada , will be going to St Louis and the Nigeria, then Ghana.

Q: When will the Nigerian show be held?

A: Soon

Q: We’ve observed that between last year and this year you have had the most successful live performances in your career. What’s your secret?

A: It is God and hard work, it is also about knowing what the seasons and times demand. You can’t wear a winter jacket in summer. Lol!

Q: How do you feel with the massive support and response from your fans at your shows?

A: It’s very very encouraging and humbling, and I want to say a big thank you for their love and great support.

Q: We believe you want to put smiles into the face of thousands of Ghanaians in December, what inspired you to do this? And is is part of Christianity?

A: Is it is part of Christianity, last year as you know we attempted the Dome, Accra-Ghana and clearly God surprised us, those outside were more than those inside, so this year God said the stadium and I have no choice than to hear the voice of my master. Africa will be meeting us there live. Can you imagine the atmosphere?


Q:  That would be great! How prepared are you with your entire management to make that day a historical moment?


A: We started planning this concert right after the “Let Peace Rain Concert”.  So a lot of thinking has gone in.


Q: A message to your fans, family and friends

A: Keep praying for me!

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